Monday, November 28, 2011

Dimension Police Deck list

G0 :17
1x Enigman Flow
4x Stand Trigger
4x Draw Trigger
4x Critical Trigger
4x Heal Trigger

G1 :14
2x Karenroid Daisy
4x Commander Laurel
2x Glory Maker
4x Enigman Ripple
2x Negater

G2 : 12
4x Enigman Wave
2x Twin Order
4x Cosmobeak
2x Grandel

G3 : 7
3x Daiyusha
2x Storm
2x Rain

This is my dimensional police deck list. This might look weird, because i am running 4 Command Laurels in this deck. However, this deck runs on a different basis, normally, i have seen dimensional police decks that play the double critical build, so they will use stuff like cosmobeak to give 4k power additional to either storm or daiyusha, so that they will have double critical, and opponent will either drop a negater or drop a lot of guard in case of trigger.

Now, this deck actually revolves around commander laurel.

Commander Laurel
Grade :1
Power :4000
Effect : When your dimension police vanguard's attack hit, you can rest four of your units to stand your vanguard.

So usually, this combo will come off at about the 3rd or 4th turn. By then, you will have about 4 or 5 damage. You start your turn by riding either enigman storm or daiyusha, i play daiyusha and enigman rain because in case my hand is not as perfect as i wanted it to be, and there is no enigman wave in my soul, i will rather ride rain or daiyusha, as rain's effect is easier to use, and daiyusha is easier to be boosted to a double critical.

So during your turn, you call a cosmobeak, and counter blast 2, this will give your vanguard 4k boost, which for daiyusha and storm, will give them a double critical, and for rain, will allow him to stand a rear guard if his attack hits.

Then, lets say you have glory maker as your vanguard's boost. As you have 4 damage, glory maker will become a 10000 boost when it boosts a dimension police vanguard. So a enigman storm will be 25k without any boost while enigman rain and daiyusha will be 24k boost.

Now this is the key part where my deck works differently. You will use the first attack to attack the rear guard. If he has any low attack interceptors, kill them. Lets say his grade 2 or grade 3 10k, 24k will give him a minimum 15k guard, and 25k will give him a minimum 20k guard. If he guards this attack, commander laurel will not be able to activate his effect, but u have succesfully burnt away almost your opponent's whole hand, and you still get to twin drive, if your opponent has guard 1 trigger pass, it is most likely that you are going to hit the vanguard, since you have a twin drive.

This way, your opponent might have dropped 2 cards at least ( if he has dropped a negator, e.g. barri, isolde ), but if he has dropped a negator, he will have wasted a good card in his hand.
Lets say he has guarded against that attack, his hand is very low now, most likely, during that turn, his damage will be about 4 too. If he has guarded with perfect guard or 2 trigger past, you can give all trigger effects to a rear guard that has not attacked, and the rear guard will still be able to attack your opponent, and he might not have any hand cards to guard himself.

However, if he did not guard that attack, this is where the fun part starts. You can activate commander laurel's ability and stand your vanguard by resting 4 of your units, which will be the 2 side columns.

Then, because cosmobeak gives the additional 4k power for the whole turn, so your vanguard will be either 15k or 14k still. It will be workable with all 3 grade 3 vanguards in the deck. If it is daiyusha or enigman storm, they still have a base critical of 2, but if it is rain, when rain's attack hits, you can stand your rear guard, so stand the glory maker behind the vanguard, and you can go for another 24k hit.

However, this is not the best part, the best part is that, you get a quadruple drive this turn. You drive checked 4 cards. Commander laurel's effect does not affect the twin drive, so you twin drive twice, which means, you have a considerable hand size to guard now, and you have a very high chance of pulling a trigger.

So this is my dimensional police deck. Any suggestions and comments can be posted below. :)

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  1. Hi there, I happened to saw your Dimension Police Deck Post while surfing the net for DI information, I had also build a pure Dimension Police(次元戰警...chinese name i came up with for DI) Deck, maybe we can exchange points by pitting against each other some day, but do have mercy on me as i just started playing one week ago and not really know the game well. drop me a email @ and exhange contact no. if you are interested to play VG or teach me VG. Thx.